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How hard a thing it is to tell about...

((for I had wandered from the straight and true))

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Birthdate:Aug 15
I have a mustache. I kind of hate my life. Deal with it.

the Frenchman formerly known as Grantaire

“I did not die, did not remain alive.
Think for yourself, if wisdom buds in you,
what I became, deprived of life and death.”
-Dante, Inferno [trans. Anthony Esolen]


Guys, this is an RP journal. I'm not Moustachioed!R. I'm not Hadley Fraser. I'm not his mustache. C'est la vie. Layout and icon keywords taken from Esolen's translation of Inferno. Al-so, the image above is not my own, nor are those used to create the icons; if they happen to be yours, do tell, and credit will be given. Grazie!

Al-so, for mun's Grantaire-Grantaire, head over here.

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being a was-student, being the best, french national guard, hating myself, my mustache, singing, swords, the national guard
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